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About the “Way of Reconciliation” on TV! 🙂 About what they had to say You can watch the pilgrimage participants in the Dzień Dobry TVN program and “Between Heaven and Earth” on TVP1.

“About Human Work” is another in a series of films under the same title: “Project of life according to John Paul II”. Nowadays the work is undoubtedly a desirable good, but is it both respected and understood in its deepest sense? Are we able to perceive its value that can make us “even more human”? How to discover the beauty and vocation in our work? In the film, apart from Bishop Rys, prof. Hausner, Fr. Mirek Tosza makes some comments. We can see also scenes from the life of our community of “Betlejem”.

Lenten Retreat “Twin – the one who showed mercy” delivered by Fr. Mirosław Tosza at the John Paul II Sanctuary in Krakow, February 14, 21, 28, 2016.

Magazine of TVP3 reporters Katowice (May 25, 2006) Isolda Czmok-Nowak’s story about Grzesiek – a resident of “Betlejem” and our Bacówka.

Magazine of TVP3 reporters Katowice Isolda Czmok-Nowak’s story about Sylwek – resident of “Betlejem”, two- time Polish boxing champion.

TVP3 Katowice reporters’ magazine report by Isolda Czmok-Nowak, about unusual wedding of the homeless from “Betlejem”. (from 11:30 min)

We You They – Journey from ““Betlejem”” to “Bethlehem” – homeless people from the ““Betlejem”” community in Jaworzno go to Bethlehem in Palestine. They help the Tabash family (Palestinian Christians) in their work and teach themselves the manufacturing of religious memorabilia. The Tabash have been producing religious souvenirs for 100 years, but since the war in Israel their products sell very poorly. The homeless also visit the nuns who look after the handicapped.

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