Renovation of a new house

Our second house at Długa 12, which we are currently renovating and expanding, will meet the needs of our residents and poor people but also the needs of the community that appreciates the value of the meeting, architecture, film and art and the taste of delicious coffee and tea.

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Who are we?

The community of “Betlejem” is a community of people gathered around the house at ul. Długa 16 in Jaworzno: the homeless, the poor, their friends and volunteers. Currently 20 people live in the 100 years old building, former primary school. Most of them have experienced the pain of homelessness, addiction, broken marriage, loss of freedom and rejection. We are together to love God, serve the poor and proclaim the Gospel.


We live together to support each other, regain hope, find purpose and meaning of life and serve others. We want our community to contribute to a change in the perception of poor people in the Church and society, to discover that the poor “is not a problem, but a resource” (Pope Francis).

Community of “Betlejem”

Our Association was established by the late Bishop Adam Śmigielski of the Diocese of Sosnowiec. It is a civic organization bringing together people who follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.


years of existence




... it's people, not walls. Homelessness is not only about having no roof over your head; it is also about having no people next door.


... to reveal it to another with dignity: the most beautiful thing we can do for others.


... blossoms when I love someone and someone loves me.


... no one is poor enough to give nothing and rich enough so that he would not need anything.

We’re happy that you are here.

We present you a film about our community prepared on the occasion of awarding Fr. Mirek the “Fr. Prof. Józef Tischner” Award in 2017.

Handicraft store

We offer (online and in-house) handicrafts made by the poor of the House of “Betlejem” and their friends. All income from the sale of products is intended for home-keeping for the homeless and addicted individuals. The most characteristic products are icons made of “burnt” wood.

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Stowarzyszenie “Betlejem”
ul. Długa 16
43-603 Jaworzno
NIP: 632-177-06-21
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Ph: 506 307 862 (8.00-16.00)


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