Lynch’s Message

In the year of the Jubilee of Mercy, the Pope asked us to go on a pilgrimage. But this external pilgrimage was to become a sign of a pilgrimage to our soul, the stages of which are: stopping accusations, forgiveness and generosity in sharing. Encouraged by Pope Francis, on the 20th anniversary of the founding of the “Betlejem” Community, we went on a pilgrimage to Lisieux, to our patron saint Teresa. We covered the 1600 km route on foot and behind the wheel of three old mini tractors – quite risky and far from being comfortable. We called our pilgrimage THE ROAD OF RECONCILIATION.

David Lynch took patronage over the Polish pilgrimage | Good morning TVN (read more).

The direct inspiration for such a form of a pilgrimage was the movie “The Straight Story” – based on an authentic story, a beautiful parable of a journey to forgiveness and reconciliation. Alvin, the main character of the film, when he learns of his serious illness, he sets off on a small tractor – mower (the only vehicle he is allowed to drive) to reconcile with his brother, whom he has not seen for 10 years, since their brotherly quarrel. “This trip is a great test for my pride,” he says, convinced however that he should do it just by himself.

Alvin’s experience is shared by many of the residents of “Betlejem”. The history of most of them is the history of the fall and the rise, despair and hope, guilt and desire for reconciliation. But in this picture, each of us can reflect on our own experience…

We all need forgiveness and reconciliation. It’s needed by our families, communities, Europe and the world. Alvin’s story shows that it is never too late to start the Way of Reconciliation and that it should be initiated not by the one who is more guilty, but the one who loves more.

During over a month’s trip, our colorful procession visited a lot places where a message of mutual kindness and reconciliation turned out to be more than necessary. We visited many local people, parishes, welfare centers, night shelters, prisons, ordinary houses, families and communities. Together with their residents we watched “The Straight Story”, we talked, we experienced the power of everyday ordinary things and selfless smile. Thanks to them a message of peace and forgiveness took real shape. Every day, after a short time meditating on the words of St. Teresa, we practiced the silent prayer (for peace in the world) for which we tried to encourage as many people as possible – because we believe that the daily practice of meditation it is a source of peace and humility of heart. A man who regularly practices silent prayer, day by day, becomes less inclined to accuse others, is ready to forgive and is generous in giving.

The goal of our trip was achieved and the pilgrims returned home. But that was not the end of our tractor journey. Strengthened by our journey we are not going to sit on a comfortable couch but we want to share with you the fruits of our experience. Our tractors visited the fields of Lednica, the meadows of Rzeszów, and climbed Jasna Góra, passing many nearby schools and parishes on the way. The message of forgiveness and kindness is needed now more than ever. We want to remind you of it in every corner of our country, traveling along the Way of Kindness together with this manifesto.

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