The new house of “Betlejem” at ul. Długa

We are starting a new project “House at Długa 12”!

Beloved, for the first time we are officially sharing with you the results of the work on the reconstruction and expansion of our new home. Thanks to the great commitment of the architect Andrzej Lipski and his wife Małgorzata Kubica, Eng. Wiesław Michałek and their associates from Biuro Asymetria 44 in Krakow and many good people at will, a model and a visualization of the house were created and a detailed construction design is being completed. This house will be the meeting and support place for the poorest but also will serve to many people … (for sure each one of you will find something for yourself and for your loved ones; we will write about the details soon).

The project “House at Długa 12” will be an expression of our long time fascination with the works and architecture of Friedensreich Hundertwasser. It arises from this inspiration but it will have its own original and unique character. Mrs. Małgorzata Kubica for 10 years collaborated with Hundertwasser in the implementation of his most spectacular work: the Rogner Bad Blumau thermal bath near Graz. We met her thanks to the encouragement of Peter Pelikan – the main architect for Mr. Hundertwasser, who during our visit to Vienna persuaded us to establish contact with Krakow architects.

We will write soon about the details of the project, related plans and its purpose. Now we invite you to see the Photo Gallery and get to know the main promoters of the project. We present to you also the opinions of several important people and institutions about our project.

Renovation of a new house

Our second house at Długa 12, which we are currently renovating and expanding, will meet the needs of our residents and poor people but also the needs of the community that appreciates the value of the meeting, architecture, film and art and the taste of delicious coffee and tea.

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