Holy Mass

11.00 and 15.00

Sunday Mass at the Oratory of our “Betlejem” – every Sunday at 11.00 and 15.00 (open-air Mass in good weather). We cordially invite everyone interested to participate. Meeting after the Mass over a coffee in our dining room or outside in the summer season. We gladly welcome sweets or coffee snacks that you can bring with you…

Holy Mass at 11.00 – broadcasted on FB of the “Betlejem” Community.

Prayer in silence

Oratory in “Betlejem” (ground floor)

Every Tuesday at 18.00 we start with the homily about spiritual life. After it, around 18:40 pm, we listen to a 10- minute meditation about the gospel of the day. Then for 20 minutes we stay in total silence in silent prayer. We invite all to participate to deepen your prayer life.

Holy Mass and adoration

18.00 to midnight
Oratory and Chapel of the Nativity

Every Thursday at 18.00 we celebrate Mass after which together, for about 20 minutes, we adore the Blessed Sacrament with prayer and song. At 19.00 in our Chapel of the Nativity a quiet, night adoration begins. Residents of the house and guests pray silently until late at night. We invite you at this time to our chapel.

To Heaven with Crayons

Oratory and dining room in “Betlejem”

Every Friday we meet the children to read together an excerpt from the Gospel for the coming Sunday and reflect on it based on children’s experiences and imagination. Then we create artworks that make the content go deeper into children’s thoughts and hearts so it becomes closer to Sunday readings.

We want to share with you the joy of discovering the Gospel with children. We cordially invite you to join the group at any time. More about the idea and the meetings on the website: www.kredkamidonieba.com

Stay with us on a regular basis

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Visit us, let’s get to know each other

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