“Our true illiteracy is not a lack of ability to read or write, but losing the ability to be creative”

The poor who live with us or visit us suffer not only from poverty and deprivation but also because of loneliness, misunderstanding and rejection. They are often prevented from participating in social and cultural events, they lack good places where they would feel needed and wanted and where they could spend their time creatively and interestingly. We believe that through work, creativity and ambitious initiatives we will help our residents to rediscover happiness and joyful life.

The project “Hundertwasser” aims to create just such a place.
Our adventure with this Austrian artist began in 2012 with an “accidental” visit to Vienna, where his museum and buildings designed by him are located. His philosophy of life, creativity and living inspired us to modernize and expand our house. Since then, we have visited several places in Austria and Germany where his projects are located. We also established contact with the Hundertwasser Institute in Vienna and architect Peter Pelikan – who designed most of Hundertwasser’s architectural projects.

Being very impressed, we wanted to put his ideas into practice and change our home inspired by his works. We do everything on our own and with the efforts of the house’s residents, using the materials recycled or donated to us by manufacturers. Today we are proud of our work (see photos), but we know that this is only the beginning of our “Hundertwasser adventure” that we want to continue in the emerging Guest House (read more).

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