“Betlejem” in the summer

Summer is a time of rest and holidays (at least for some…).

Our “Betlejem” is located not by the sea, it is not a popular resort – but we are happy to welcome guests who want to spend a few moments in our mini-zoo, sit in the shade and admire the façade of our house, more beautiful day by day or just to look into the eyes of Heavenly Christ in the Biblical Garden. We invite you every day from 9.00 to 19.00. Masses on Sundays at 11.00 and 15.00. Soon, after completing the sandblasting work the House at Długa 16 will open an open-air cafe.

Renovation of a new house

Our second house at Długa 12, which we are currently renovating and expanding, will meet the needs of our residents and poor people but also the needs of the community that appreciates the value of the meeting, architecture, film and art and the taste of delicious coffee and tea.

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