BOB – “Betlejem” Biblical Garden

At the beginning of 2015 the City of Jaworzno offered us an opportunity to graze sheep in a beautiful and charming corner of Jaworzno – in the area of the eco-friendly Forest Leśne Bucze in the Pieczyska district, close to the”Orka” diving center. May 2015 we purchased 20 heather sheep from the Animal Science Institute in Krakow–Balice. They grazed xerothermic grasslands under ecological protection. Few years of pastoral seasons passed. We got some practice, we made some novice mistakes, but with enthusiasm and plans we think about the next year. We’ve expanded our herd with a few new animals – now apart from sheep you can admire alpacas, ponies, donkeys, kangaroos, ostriches, now also camels! In 2020, we ended our cooperation with the City of Jaworzno.

The animals are now at the House of “Betlejem”, in the Biblical Garden of “Betlejem”. During the shepherding season, from June to September, they will stay in the parish in Siemoń, which has several hectares of land and meadows. We were invited to this place by Fr. Marek Wyjadłowski – our parish priest, a longtime friend who at the same time provided a little house for our residents – the guardians of the “Betlejem” herd.

In the “Betlejem” Biblical Garden (BOB), created at the House of “Betlejem”, on a plot of about 400 m2, apart from pens for animals, there is the thatched “DOM DAWIDA” – meeting place for groups and outdoor seasonal cafe; “RUBLÓWKA”, in which we burn, clean and wax wood for icons; mural “CHRIST – SON OF DAVID” painted on the copper sheets burned out during a fire of the roof of the cathedral in Sosnowiec; “TORI OF SAINT FRANCIS”- a gate with birds inspired by Japanese mythology; its symbolism introduces us to the mystery of seeking the hidden God, His Revealing to people and our calling to testify of Him to others. Opposite the “TORI OF SAINT FRANCIS”, a mural “GO TO GALILEE” was painted, commemorating our on-foot pilgrimage to Galilee and Jerusalem. The entrance to the Garden is guarded by the sculpture of the Włodek, “Mr. Broomstick”, who kindly invites you to visit.

The author of the sculpture is KONRAD KOCH, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, and the murals were made by him and MACIEJ PISIAŁEK, also a graduate of this university.

During the Christmas season, from December 24 to February 2, at BOB there is a LIVE crib.

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