Meetings with the creators of culture

The needs of the poor are like ours – not only to provide ourself with the necessities of life, but most of all the need for meaning, belonging, communing with sublime things, inspiring and thought-provoking. Once a month at the Oratory or the Gallery of St. Dominic we organize a meeting with the creators of culture and their works. We host musicians, painters, photographers, travelers, journalists, writers, social activists – interesting and creative people of various professions and fields. These meetings provide an opportunity for exchange of thoughts and discussions; inspire and motivate us to a more beautiful life, greater openness to others and sensitize to wealth and the diversity of the world.

We hosted, among others, The “New Life’M” Ensemble, Antonina Krzysztoń, the “Raz Dwa Trzy ” Group, gospel choir“ God’s Property ”, Jasia Mela from the“ Poza Horyzonty ” Foundation, Janina Ochojska from the Polish Humanitarian Action, Barbara Gruszka-Zych, poet and editor of “Gość Niedzielny”, painter Maria “Pestka” Bieńkowska, photographer Maciej Cieślak and Krzysztof Jędrzejewski, businessman, social activist, president of the Kopex Group. In our Oratory we watched ambitious and award-winning Polish movies as part of the “Polska Światłoczuła” project. Thanks to its organizers we also had the opportunity to participate in meetings and discussions with their creators (directors, filmmakers, set designers).

We invite you to participate in the next meetings in the “Home with Culture” series. Participation in the meetings is free of charge. We will keep you informed in our calendar.

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